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My Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review



If you found this, you must be looking for an honest review of Kyle Leon’s Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer. Some of you are looking for quick muscle gain workouts, trying to get ripped fast or you could be in search of a new approach to your muscle building strategy. If you’re a beginner, this is the foundation you need. Dieting, workout routines, muscle gaining secrets, small but very meaningful tips, its all here. I’ve wasted endless amounts of time all over the web looking for a lot of answers that are found in this elite program. Once again this is my personal review. I won’t be sugar coating this for you. If you aren’t ready to make the commitment do not read any further.smm_pkg


Who is Kyle Leon?


You might ask yourself who in the world is Kyle Leon and why should I choose this program. Those are good questions. I wouldn’t buy a product from just any spokesman they put in front of a product. We need to test their background against the product they are trying to push, so I did some research. I found Kyle is a very notable health instructor and expert health nutritionist and has been for many years. He has worked comprehensively with dedicated nutritionists, fitness models and bodybuilders over the years to develop the best way to gain muscle and has combined it with his own experiences and knowledge to give us this top notch program.


Back to the program


Let’s get into the details of what is the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer. This is a one size fits all program. In the program you’re going to be educated about the 4 different body types as well as identifying your own. This will point you to the program plan that fits you.

The program consists of two parts. One is the tailored and nutrient packed diet plan. The other is your personalized Somanabolic Weight Training. Both of these together will give you a concrete guide on how to build muscle fast.

Also you will have software that will do all the thinking for you. Yes, the software will have meal plans already laid out for you. This will be specific to your body type. Diet is a key factor in building muscle.

These meal plans are specially pre-loaded by taking everything about you into consideration. We’re talking about your age, height, weight, metabolism, whether or not you train on that day, how often you train, and between what meals you train.

This optimizes your specific macronutritional needs to pack on lean muscle gains with out

If you don’t like the meal plan that’s OK, there’s more than one meal plan you can choose from. If you already had an idea about what you want to do as far as your diet, you can make your own custom meal plans that it will load on your request and document your intake. Also you can adjust the pre-loaded meal plans. Keep in mind that you’re going to be eating food to satisfy your muscles. The software will give you the nutritional information needed for anything on your meal plan so that you can accurately follow your diet to gain muscle. These meal plans are very detailed and specify your meals down to the gram (weight). So you can expect to prepare your meals before hand in order to have what your body needs through out the day.

Also you will know how much water you should be drinking and the amount of protein, carbs, and calories your post-workout/recovery shake should contain. Small factors in a big equation, EVERYTHING COUNTS.


The Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Scam?


You can rest assured that this is no scam. Anyone who claims that it is must not have followed the program or simply does not have the determination. Dedication and lots of preparation is needed. Physically and mentally. Keep in mind that you would not be here if there were a shortcut to get the results you want. The Muscle Maximizer is a great option and contains all the key elements one would need to successfully transform their body.


What can you expect?


  • A simple and effective manner to gain lean muscle with no fat (or lose fat) naturally
  • For beginners, what you should learn first in order to keep strict and firm guidelines
  • Basics on exercise and rest periods (common mistakes)
  • Workout Routines specified to your needs for rapid muscle gains
  • Meal plans already laid out! Also specified to meet your needs
  • All mentioned above promote a healthy lifestyle


The Conclusion


To sum it all up. You’re going to get a rock solid program that will not only discipline you, but will guide you through every step of the way. Along the way you will learn the fundamentals of nutrition forged with muscle building workouts that will give you explosive results. This is a recipe for muscular success.